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  • About Us

Who are we?

Yaku Expeditions: Your Gateway to Unforgettable Experience in Ecuador

Located in the heart of Quito (Ecuador), at Yaku Expeditions we do not just sell destinations; we create memories that last a lifetime. Our passion is to transform your journey into a unique and haunting experience.

At Yaku Expeditions, exploration and adventure are our raison d'être. We are more than a travel agency; we are your right-hand partner in the quest for authentic and thrilling moments in the most astonishing corners of Ecuador and beyond.


At Yaku Expeditions, we are committed to connecting hearts with breath-taking destinations, providing exceptional and authentic travel experience that transcend our clients’ expectations. Our goal is to promote and elevate the understanding of nature and cultures by creating everlasting memories.


To be the leading travel agency in creating memorable moments.

At Yaku Expeditions, we aim to become the preferred travel choice, renowned for our passion for excellence, constant innovation and empathy towards each specific traveler’s need and desire. We seek to inspire everyone to explore, learn and grow though unique travel experiences.


  • Social Commitment:

    We recognize our role in society. We contribute to the well-being of local communities in the destinations where we operate by supporting projects that promote education, health and development.

  • Continuous Innovation:

    We embrace change and evolution. We are always looking for new ways to enrich our clients' experiences, whether through technology, creativity or exploring emerging destinations.

  • Experience Excellence:

    We constantly strive for improvement in everything we do. From planning to completion of the trip, we strive to provide a seamless and exceptional experience.

  • Sustainability and Respect for the Environment:

    We are conscious of the impact of our travel on the environment and local communities. We are committed to promoting sustainable and culturally sensitive practices in every destination we offer.

  • Personalized Service:

    We recognize that each traveler is unique. We tailor our services to meet individual expectations, providing personalized recommendations and solutions.

  • Authenticity and Honesty:

    We act with integrity in every aspect of our work. We maintain genuine relationships with our clients, collaborators and partners, based on transparency and trust.

  • Passion for Discovery:

    We value the thrill of exploring the unknown. We are passionate about discovering new places, cultures and experiences, and we share this excitement with our clients.